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Iterative Software

About Us

Iterative Software Ltd.

We are a UK based Perl consultancy providing Perl training, mentoring, programming and other professional services.


Iterative Software was founded by Leon Brocard, Piers Cawley and Natalie Ford when we saw a need for a more 'rounded' service than the traditional 'hire a bunch of contractors and a project manager' model of software development.

The Iterative Software approach

Cooperation is the essence of our work, which combines the power and flexibility of Perl with the strongly customer centered approach of Extreme Programming to produce high quality software that does what you want, when you want it.

As well as custom programming, we foster best practice in the wider Perl community through our training and code review services.


We have written several articles, modules and other Perl related publications which you can read here.

Contact us

Please do contact us for more information!


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