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Leon Brocard

Perl's flexibility and power is what interests me; there is always something more to learn (and graph). Becoming proficient in Perl allows me to rapidly construct both silly, and powerful all-encompassing modules which really do what you mean, while hiding complexity.

Leon Brocard was born in Paris on 1976-02-26. He moved to London at an early age and achieved a Maths and Computing degree from Imperial College. He went on to work at Internet-metrics leader Netcraft Ltd. in Bath, processing data into databases and spreadsheets for major operating system vendors. He has worked at Elsevier Science Blv. in the Netherlands on SGML-based academic journal publishing framework and at various dot-coms in London. He has contributed multiple modules to CPAN. He organised the first European Perl Conference in autumn 2000, and is an award-winning Perl conference speaker. He will be speaking at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Diego this year.


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