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Code Review Service

One of the most valuable things you can do while developing as a team is to institute regular code reviews. The idea behind these is for each member of the team to have one of their pieces of code critiqued by the team. The idea here is that the entire team works to improve the quality of the entire team's code. Individuals are far less likely to write horrible code, and code which has been scrutinized by many eyes is likely to have hidden bugs. Another advantage is that the individual members of the team will have a better idea of what code that they didn't work on is doing, and will be better able to maintain it when/if the original author leaves the team.

Ideally, code review will be done in house, practised by your team. However, if you have a particularly small team, or you feel you'd like advice from an experienced team of external programmers, then Iterative Software will take a listing from you and provide you with a comprehensive review. If you have a house 'style' for code format we'll also take that into account.


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