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As well as custom programming, Iterative Software offers a range of training options as follows:

Conventional training courses:

We are currently offering two training courses, listed below. Places are limited to 10 students per training session, if you are interested in booking a place on either course, please contact

All courses are currently charged at a rate of 300 per student per day.

This two day course is aimed at beginning to intermediate perl programmers. At the end of the course you will know enough to be counted as a valuable member of a programming team, and you'll have the sound footing you need to improve efficiently.

Next course(s): T.B.A.

Course Leader: Leon Brocard

This two day course is aimed at programmers who already have some experience programming in Perl. It will teach you how to use the full expressive power of the Perl programming language without sacrificing readability. Once you have a grasp of idiomatic Perl you will enjoy programming more and be more productive.

Next course(s): T.B.A.

Course Leader: Dave Cross

Custom Courses

Maybe the formal courses we offer don't quite scratch your itch, but you still need some training. Our experienced trainers and programmers will work with you to design a custom course, tailored to your needs. We can then deliver the course either on your site, or at an appropriate offsite location.

'Viral' Training

To explain this concept, let's start with a scenario:

You have a group of Perl programmers who are reasonably competent, but who need to be made into a team, and to start producing high quality code.

You could send them off to some conventional courses on Perl (see above), but some people don't do that well in a classroom environment, and anyway, time spent in a classroom is time that could be spent writing code which has value to your company.

Which is where we come in. We provide a team of experienced programmers who drop into your existing team and help to set up an Extreme Programming team to work on your project. Extreme Programming emphasises working in pairs, so in the process of developing real software for your company, the members of your team each receive directly relevant, intensive one to one coaching from experienced programmers. After a few iterations, your team should be better programmers and will no longer need our trainers on a daily basis. You will have an efficient team of programmers and a project that's already adding value to your business.


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