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Training: Competent Perl

This two day course is aimed at beginning to intermediate Perl programmers. We aim to give students the underpinning knowledge and skills required for them to be counted as a valuable member of a professional programming team.

Programmers who pass this course will have a solid foundation of general Perl skills from which they can extend into more specialist or advanced areas.

What's in the box?

At the end of our course you should:

  • Understand the history and philosophy behind the Perl programming language

  • Know where to find additional information about Perl

  • Write simple Perl scripts and run them from the Unix command line

  • Use Perl's command line options to enable warnings

  • Understand Perl's three main data types and how to use them

  • Use Perl's strict pragma to enforce lexical scoping and better coding

  • Understand Perl's most common operators and functions and how to use them

  • Understand and use Perl's conditional and looping constructs

  • Understand and use subroutines in Perl

  • Understand and use simple regular expressions for matching and substitution

  • Be able to open files and directories to read and write data, using various techniques

  • Perform tests on files and directories

  • Open pipes to read or write data through another program

  • Use regular expressions to handle multiline data

  • Use backreferences to create complex regular expressions

  • Use and understand more complex Perl functions such as grep() and map()

  • Use Perl functions to call system commands

  • Use Perl to interact with the file system, users, and processes

  • Understand the security implications of running system commands from Perl, and how to increase security


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